Wildcare Friends of Maatsuyker Island remove invasive plants on a working bee.
Wildcare Friends of Maatsuyker Island remove invasive plants on a working bee. (photograph: Marina Campbell)

Volunteer Partner Organisations

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​The following community groups have registered their interest in volunteering alongside the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS). We encourage you to join one of our Volunteer Partner ​Organisations. Check out what they do and where they do it and get involved.​

​​WILDC​​​ARE ​Tasmania

Wildcare Tasmania members undertake a wide range of volunteer activities supporting reserve management, practical nature conservation and cultural heritage conservation. 

Join and register with any of the Wildcare Tasmania branches via their website and keep an eye on the WILDCARE Project Calendar for a range of volunteering opportunities.

General enquiries can be emailed to wildcarefacilitator@wildcaretas.org.au

​​Other volunt​​eer p​​​artners

Many groups have been established to care for particular places that include land managed by the PWS. Some groups, established for other reasons (e.g.​ recreational clubs), often undertake volunteer activities as an adjunct to their recreation. You may like to join one or more of the following groups that operate in your area of interest.

Stewarts Bay Coas​​​tcare Group

Stewarts Bay Coastcare Group cares for the Stewarts Bay State Reserve and environs and undertakes volunteer activity related to coastal protection, vegetation rehabilitation, weed eradication and visitor/community awareness and education. For more information, and to find out how to join, contact 

Southern Beach​​es Landcare/Coastcare Inc

The Southern Beaches Landcare/Coastcare Inc (SBLC) has been actively caring for reserved land in the Southern Beaches area for over 16 years. They work on a number of reserves, including Park Beach, Carlton Beach, Red Ochre Beach, Okines Beach, Lewisham, Primrose Sands, Connellys Marsh and Jacks Flat. They work on rehabilitation of the reserves undertaking weeding, revegetation and erosion control, public education and collaborate with schools, local council and other groups.

Tranmere and Clare​nce Plains Landcare/Coastcare Inc

Tranmere and Clarence Plains Landcare/Coastcare Inc (TACPLACI) have been working on reserves for many years, rehabilitating habitat, undertaking weeding, revegetation and erosion control. Their worksites are spread around Tranmere and the Clarence Plains, including Howrah and Rokeby. They also conduct public education campaigns and work cooperatively with schools, councils and other groups.

Rosny Hill/Mont​​agu Bay Landcare and Coastcare Group Inc.

This group has been active for over 15 years and focusses on rehabilitation of the foreshore to the south of the Tasman Bridge around the Rosny area and Rosny Hill Nature Recreation Area. The group works primarily on weed control, revegetation and erosion control, as well as public education and working with local council, schools, and other organisations.

Mountain Hu​​ts Preservation Society (MHPS)

The Mountain Huts Preservation Society Inc (MHPS) was founded in 1988.  MHPS members take an active role in maintaining, preserving and restoring a variety of structures within the Tasmanian Central Plateau and adjoining areas, while at the same time promoting conservation of the natural environment and undertaking historical research of the cultural environment. 

Friends of Josep​​h Lyons Cottage, Stanley

Volunteers open this heritage site situated in Stanley on Tasmania's North-West Coast. Birth place of Tasmania's only Prime Minister, the site has a steady stream of visitors including tourists from afar and Tasmanian school groups. The team welcomes new members who live locally and are available to join the roster or able to provide relief hours.  

Clarence Mountain ​​Bike Park Association

Primarily a recreation group, the Clarence Mountain Bike Park Association undertakes volunteer work in the Meehan Range Nature Reserve, maintaining tracks, weeding and providing information to reserve users. 

  • ​​​​​​​​​Contact: Clint Siggins on 0457 706 441 

Friends of Peter Murrell Reserves

This group assists the Parks and Wildlife Service to manage the Peter Murrell Reserves at Kingston/Blackmans Bay by undertaking agreed activities, such as weed control within the reserves and providing information. The group also takes an active interest in developments that may impact the reserves. It meets bimonthly on Thursday nights and has working bees on Sunday mornings. 

  • ​Contact: Annie Wapstra on 6267 2939

Bridport C​​oastcare

  • Contact: John Davey on 0419 306 285 or at davey@microtech.com.au

Bellingham Pro​​​gress Association 

  • Contact: Jeff Simms on 6395 1359

​Tomahawk Progr​​ess Association 

Furn​eaux Landcare 

Friends o​​f Rocky Hills 

Earth a​nd Ocean Network 

Land Ro​ver Owners Club 

Rubicon Coa​st and Landcare 

Friends​​​ of Deep Creek 

  • Contact: Gail Connerley on 6426 1596

Ben Lom​​​ond Committee

North We​​​st Walking Club

This group is primarily a recreational group with members undertaking a variety of bushwalks. The volunteer activity focus for the group is the Penguin Cradle Trail in North West Tasmania, particularly in the Dial Range to Speeler Plains. The North West Walking club is strongly associated with Wildcare Friends of Penguin Cradle Trail (see Wildcare Tasmania)