Volunteers participating in the black rat eradication program on Big Green Island
Volunteers participating in the black rat eradication program on Big Green Island (photograph: Chris Crerar)


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Volunteering with the Parks and Wildlife Service

The Parks and Wildlife Service appreciates the assistance provided by thousands of volunteers and a large number of volunteer organisations around Tasmania. 

Each year volunteers and their organisations contribute hundreds of thousands of hours, and hundreds of thousands of dollars to projects, in partnership with the Parks and Wildlife Service. 

In addition to the effort, hours and funding that volunteers contribute to reserve management, we enjoy working cooperatively with the Tasmanian community and others. We invite you to consider becoming a volunteer with us. There are a variety of ways that you can be involved.

Volunteer information including COVID-19 safety

Please see the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and the Environment​ for important documents on volunteering including safety advice in relation to COVID-19. 

Year-round and seasonal volunteer caretaker programs

The following volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year, ranging from 1 month to 6 month placements:

  • Maatsuyker Island Volunteer Caretaker and Weather Observer
  • Cape Bruny Island Volunteer Caretaker and Weather Observer
  • Bruny Island Quarantine Station Volunteer Caretaker
  • Deal Island Volunteer Caretaker

Seasonal programs available between November and April each year, ranging from one month to two months include:

  • Melaleuca Volunteer Caretaker
  • Cockle Creek Volunteer Caretaker
  • Mount Field Volunteer Caretaker

When applications are open for these volunteer caretaker positions, they are offered through an Expressions of Interest process and listed on the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and the Environment website. 

Wildcare Tasmania

Are you interested in supporting a particular national park or reserve? Or getting involved in one of the many volunteer programs undertaken by local volunteers?

Check out the Friends groups, projects and programs offered through WILDCARE Tasmania, our primary volunteer management partner. You can join any of the more than 60 Wildcare branches and hear about a wide variety of opportunities. Wildcare also manages a state-wide calendar of volunteer events.

For more information, please email Wildcare Tasmania directly at memberservices@wildcaretas.org.au or call on (03) 6165 4230.

Becoming a Volunteer Partner Organis​ation

Along with Wildcare Tasmania, there are numerous other organisations that support the Parks and Wildlife Service to care for the reserve-estate. For more information, please see our Volunteer Partner Organisation page. If your community group would like to get involved, please contact the Parks and Wildlife Service on 1300 TASPARKS (1300 827 727).​

Regional volunteer facilitators

If you would like to discuss your options and interests in more detail, or have any queries please contact a Parks and Wildlife Service regional volunteer facilitator, local ranger or Wildcare Tasmania.




Wildcare Tasmania:

​Landcare Tasmania:

  • ​www.landcaretas.org.au or (03) 6234 7117


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