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APCA 4WD Project Project Update

Project Update March 2023

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​​Project Update March 2023

Work has begun to develop a West Coast Off-Road Vehicle Strategy, with a contract awarded to Inspiring Place (with Evolve Tourism and BDA Planning) in July 2022. 

The development of the Strategy will focus primarily on the existing off-road vehicle tracks within the APCA and West Coast. Priorities will be identified for track maintenance and other works within the APCA and for other West Coast tracks to support off-road driving experiences. Consideration will also be given to camp site improvements and potential new facilities.

Following background and market research, consultation with key stakeholders has started and will continue during the development of the Strategy. Work to assess existing off-road vehicle tracks and facilities to support development of the overall strategy will proceed in summer/autumn 2023. As part of the strategy, recommendations will be made on the works to be done to offer driving experiences for a variety of recreational vehicle users, including locals and visitors, and different challenge levels. This may involve improvements to existing tracks where it is possible to do so and taking account of natural and cultural values.​

Scoping and design work is underway to inform maintenance works required on some shack node roads within the APCA, with vegetation and drain clearing works to be commenced over autumn. The APCA Shack Node Roads Project is a component of the $10 million funding commitment.​


APCA and West Coast Off-Road Vehicle Project