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Next Iconic Walk

Next Iconic Walk Project

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​The Next Iconic Walk project will develop a new multi-day hut-based bushwalk in Tasmania aiming to build on the success of the Overland Track and the Three Capes Track. ​​

The overall project objective is to deliver economic and social benefits to Tasmania by creating a new walking experience that attracts visitors and encourages them to stay longer and spend more. The Next Iconic Walk will provide a unique option for visitors and Tasmanians to get out in the great outdoors, challenge themselves, and experience our beautiful reserves first hand.


Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service reviewed 35 possible locations across Tasmania and identified the Tyndall Range on the West Coast (between Queenstown and Tullah), as the preferred ​location for the Next Iconic Walk​.

Location of the Tyndall Range

A detailed feasibility study tested and explored over 50 track route options in and around the Tyndall Range and the recommended option was a three day, two night, hut based serviced walking experience between Lake Plimsoll in the north and Lake Margaret Power Station in the south.

Approximate alignment of proposed track route 


Tasmanians were invited to provide their ideas about where and in what form a new walk could be developed, with 24 proposals submitted by members of the public, including 2 that identified the Tyndall Range. Following the identification of the walk location, more than 1,900 individuals and many Tasmanian businesses have contributed their ideas, thoughts and expert advice about a new multi-day walk on the West Coast. Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service has convened four workshops involving more than 40 internal and external stakeholders representing tourism, the West Coast industry and community, Parks and Wildlife Service staff and specialists in multi-day walk development. 

In addition to the ongoing stakeholder consultations, there will be at least two separate approval processes during which the public will have an opportunity to comment on the project proposal. During the Parks and Wildlife Service Reserve Activity Assessment process, members of the public will be invited to provide feedback on the project through the 'Have Your Say' section of the Parks and Wildlife Service website. When the Development Application is lodged with the West Coast Council this will be advertised for public comment through the Council website 'Advertised Development Applications'.


The diagram below shows the current project timeline. Subject to completion of the detailed design, securing all approvals, and engaging suitable contractors, construction of the walk is expected to commence in 2025 and be complete in late 2028 - early 2029. 

It is important to note that these timelines are indicative only and subject to change as the project moves through the design and approvals stage. Once the designs are finalised, construction commences and the influence of weather and local site conditions is better understood, a more accurate timetable for completion will be established. 

​Project Updates

Updates on the progress of the project can be found on the Project​ updates page​​​.

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