PWS firefighter in yellow top and green pants walking away from camera with a drip torch lighting up bracken fern on a planned burn
Planned burn Richard Youd on a drip torch

World Ranger Day: conserving and protecting our natural places

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On July 31 we will celebrate World Ranger Day, which honours the dedication of rangers around the world who help to conserve the planet's natural environments and wildlife.  This week we’re sharing stories from some of the people that call Tasmania’s parks and reserves their office and highlighting the amazing work they do.

Meet Ranger Richard.  He has worked at Tasmania Parks and Wildlife and Service for just under a year.  Becoming a ranger appealed to him as it draws together numerous skillsets from his previous roles in ICT, outdoor education, carpentry and work in Antarctica and Macquarie Island.   

“Being a ranger allows me to contribute to the conservation of natural places and help facilitate sustainable recreational pursuits in these areas,” Richard said.

Richard works in a variety of national parks and reserves throughout Tasmania's north-east and east coast. 

“I love the diversity of locations and jobs I do each day.  One day I might be working on the coast maintaining beach access tracks, the next day I could be working in the snow at Ben Lomond, or with a helicopter assisting in wildfire suppression or planned burns.  It is rare that two days are the same,” he said. 

Richard, who is also a new father, hopes that the range of environments he calls his office and the variety of duties he undertakes may one day encourage his son to follow in his footsteps.


“I hope my son takes an interest in natural places. I hope he gets out to enjoy these spaces, but also, I hope he recognises the part I have played in helping to protect and conserve them for him and future generations.”

Keep up the great work Richard. We’re pretty sure your son will think you have the best office in the world!

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Published 24/07/2023