A sunny day with Dove Lake and an historic wooden boat shed in the foreground and Cradle Mountain in the background. Walkers enjoy a stroll on the track around the lakes edge.

Traditional carpentry methods used in restoration of Dove Lake Boatshed

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The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) has completed restoration works on the historic Dove Lake Boatshed at Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.

PWS staff used traditional splitting methods when replacing the timber shingles that had deteriorated or been damaged over the years.

The boatshed provides an outstanding example of bush carpentry techniques and craftmanship used by the early pioneers.   

The project also involved the removal and reconstruction of the rear wall with traditional round posts and split rails which incorporated some of the original elements, to ensure the structural integrity of the 1940s boatshed. 

The Public Maintenance Funded project allows visitors to see firsthand the craftmanship of the boatshed built to house tourist boats for those visiting the national park in the early days.       

The Dove Lake Boatshed is one of the most photographed sites at Cradle Mountain due to its charm, character, history and location, and is instantly recognisable as one of the flagship images for Tasmania and the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

This project has ensured the boatshed, which is mostly in original condition can endure for generations to come.

A small opening has been built into the rear of the building to provide easy all-weather access for visitors, and to reduce people finding other means to enter the building and potentially damaging the structure.