PWS fire fighters assess damage to paths at Southwest National Park.
Fire damage at Southwest National Park

Rehabilitation work to restore fire damaged park infrastructure

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​Rebuilding and rehabilitation works to reopen treasured parks and walking tracks to the public extensively damaged during the 2018-2019 summer bushfires will continue with the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) advertising tenders for a range of projects. 

The fires in southern Tasmania damaged more than 117 kilometres of walking tracks and 119 kilometres of roads, bridges and other PWS assets. 

The works which include clearing and track rebuilding will not only give the community an opportunity to once again explore these much-loved areas, but provide economic stimulus for Tasmanian businesses during this uncertain time with contractors undertaking the work.

Along with track rebuilding, gravel, rock, timber, helicopter services and other suppliers will be utilised to complete the works. 

The PWS Fire Recovery team will oversee the rehabilitation expected to commence during the closure of parks and reserves to the public as part of the Tasmanian Government’s COVID-19 pandemic response.

PWS have appreciated the community’s patience as the extensive damage to roads, walking tracks and other burnt infrastructure, all which posed serious safety hazards, was assessed.

The work follows on from preliminary remediation work undertaken by PWS following the fires last year.

Tender opportunities for areas including Mt Anne Track, Lake Judd Track and Clear Hill Road, as well as supply of helicopter services, gravel and treated timber, will be advertised on the Tasmanian Government’s tenders website.​

Published 16/04/2020