A helicopter flying over recently burnt ground during a fuel reduction burn on the west coast.
West coast fuel reduction burn

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife staff prepare for bushfire season

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​​Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) is responsible for more than 50 per cent of the state’s land area and are well advanced with preparations for this year’s fire season. 

A number of critical asset protection burns were recently completed on the west coast of Tasmania and these burns will serve to protect the townships of Zeehan. 

In addition to planned burns, staff are completing pre-season checks of equipment and training. 

PWS staff involved in fire management including, fire operations officers, fire crews and incident management teams that assist with firefighting each summer have participated in the specialised training sessions that include Pack hike tests and de-briefing of the last season. 

PWS staff that were deployed to assist and support the wildfires in NSW were also presented with a special NSW Premier’s Bushfire Emergency Citation in recognition of their efforts to support the response effort.   

The Citations were deserving acknowledgement of the efforts of the PWS crews to save life and property. 

The recent burns on the west coast and fire preparedness days are just a few of the diverse examples of how PWS are preparing for the summer season. 

PWS works with key fire authorities - the Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) and Sustainable Timber Tasmania (STT) - to coordinate responses to manage fuel reduction and to respond to large bushfires. 

Large, complex fire incidents are managed by Incident Management Teams in accordance with the nationally recognised Australasian Inter-service Incident Management System.

Published 23/10/2020