PWS fighters, Will, and Alice at airport  for Canada deployment
PWS fighters, Will, Alice airport - deployment

PWS Firefighters second deployment to Canada

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Eight Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) personnel are part of the second contingent of Tasmanians being deployed internationally this week, to assist with the response to wildfires in western Canada.

The group of 14 highly-trained Tasmanians also includes six personnel from Sustainable Timber Tasmania.

“We have had more staff ready to step up and go into fight these fires with our Canadian comrades and now it is their turn to do Tassie proud," PWS State Fire Manager Katy Edwards said.

The Tasmanians, who will leave for Canada on Wednesday 7 June, will undertake firefighting, roles as part of the broader Australian and New Zealand contingent of over 180 people.

The assistance comes as the National Council for Fire and Emergency Services in Australia and New Zealand (AFAC) received a request from Canada for assistance in Northern Alberta, as the country has battled more than 420 wildfires, burning over 3 million hectares.

Australia has an ongoing mutual fire management arrangement with Canada which allows for the exchange of personnel, resources, and technology when required.

The teams will support the work of about 2,500 personnel from Canada, the US, France, Portugal, South Africa, Costa Rica, Mexico and Chile  that have been deployed to fight these fires.

Australian fire services have deployed to support Canada or the United States numerous times since 2000 and the support has been reciprocated into Australia over several summers. ​

Published 7/06/2023