Image shows bushfire remnants, burnt ground in the foreground and green vegetation and hills in the background.
Olegas Bluff bushfire (photograph: Jethro Bangay)

Olegas Bluff bushfire effort continues back at the depot

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The Olegas Bluff bushfire seems a distant memory now, but for our Fire Crew, the remote firefighting is only half the work. 

Our remote area firefighters worked tirelessly to protect sensitive natural and cultural values in the immediate and surrounding area alongside partner agencies and Tasmanian Aboriginal people who assisted and provided advice.

The fire burned through 316 Hectares of primarily buttongrass moorland. The firefighting effort was demanding, and it is a credit to the work team that the fire was contained quickly and successfully. 

Following the suppression works at the fire all the equipment was removed and transported back to the fire depot. 

Since then, the crew have been busy washing, testing, maintaining, and repacking gear, including kilometres of hose. From resealing dams to recoupling fittings, the work from the fire continues, in preparation for the upcoming prescribed burning season.

Published 29/03/2022