Lake Hanson at Cradle Mountain
Lake Hanson fagus, Cradle Mountain (photograph: Cam Blake)

New Tourism Master Plan for the TWWHA

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​The Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) Tourism Master Plan (TMP), which will protect the outstanding values of the TWWHA, has been finalised after extensive community consultation.  

The master plan aims to achieve a balance between opportunities for diverse, high quality visitor experiences in the globally recognised area, and protection and presentation of the cultural and natural heritage that underpins the significance of the TWWHA. 

The TMP is a significant document for the world-recognised TWWHA that provides guidance and policy direction for management of tourism and related recreation into the future. 

The final TMP was shaped by stakeholders and members of the community, including those who provided feedback during the 14-week public consultation process. Many groups were engaged and consulted including the Tasmanian Aboriginal community, the National Parks and Wildlife Advisory Council and Aboriginal Heritage Council.

The TMP contains a number of important initiatives, such as cultural presentation hubs and Aboriginal cultural heritage cultural awareness training, to continue the emphasis on the management and acknowledgment of Aboriginal cultural values established through the Management Plan.  

Vision Statement

The TMP is a requirement of the TWWHA Management Plan 2016 and shares the overarching vision statement articulated in the Management Plan:

''To identify, protect, conserve, present and, if appropriate, to rehabilitate the World Heritage, National Heritage and other natural and cultural values of the TWWHA and to transmit that heritage to future generations in as good or better condition than at present'. 

The TMP provides planning priorities for key areas in the TWWHA, strategic policy guidance in critical areas of management, and provides recommendations that will continue the work of improving the rigour of the Reserve Activity Assessment process. 

The completion of this plan fulfils the PWS commitment to the UNESCO Reactive Monitoring Mission recommendation No 7.

The Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area Tourism Master Plan​​ can be downloaded from the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment website.