Gordon River
Gordon River

Lower Gordon River Recreation Zone Plan released

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​The Lower Gordon River is an icon of West Coast tourism, known internationally for its immersive wilderness experience and the mirror like reflections of the ancient rainforest that surrounds it. 

The river is one of the most popular visitor destinations within the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and is an important area for West Coast locals.

To help manage the world heritage values of the Lower Gordon River, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) staff have reviewed and updated the Lower Gordon River Recreation Zone Plan.

This work was undertaken to ensure that management of the Lower Gordon River Recreation Zone on Tasmania’s West Coast remains current.

PWS Acting Director, Landscape Programs, Jennifer Parnell said the new Plan ensured the iconic experience of the Lower Gordon River would continue to be protected and maintained for everyone who visits each year.

“The Lower Gordon River sees tens of thousands of visitors every year, so it is important that the management plan outlines contemporary management practices to appropriately manage visitation and takes into account the environment in which we operate.”

“The rate of erosion of the riverbanks associated with increased vessel traffic and speed through the late 1970s and into the mid-80s has been significantly reduced through the introduction of vessel speed limits,” she said.  

“Both the speed limits and the existing ban on water sports, including the use of personal watercraft, continue as part of the new Plan.  Long term monitoring of the riverbanks has shown these management strategies have been effective at reducing the rate of erosion since they were introduced.” 

The new Plan also provides for a trial online registration system for private vessels to enable PWS to monitor more accurately the number of vessels entering the river.

Published 29/08/2023