Water logged tracks - Freyciet National Park
Water logged tracks - Freyciet National Park (photograph: Donna Stanley)

Leave No Trace - Prepare for muddy boots

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Multiple walking tracks across the state have been damaged due to continued high rainfall and flood events.

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) are reporting a lot of water logged tracks in the Freycinet National Park and surrounds.


PWS reminds visitors to be well prepared and ensure they are wearing suitable footwear and are carrying clothing and equipment to suit track conditions, to turn back if conditions are not suitable for their ability, and to adhere to Leave No Trace principles.

Walking around muddy sections of the track widens the existing track and, in some cases, creates 'new tracks'.

This increases the footprint of the original track and can impact the surrounding vegetation and soils.

When conditions improve and dry out the area may be left with multiple tracks that may require rehabilitation.

The Isthmus Track, which runs between Wineglass Bay Beach and Hazards Beach, has suffered damage from walkers attempting to avoid mud.

Walking to the far end of Wineglass Bay and then returning via the lookout is the recommended alternative route.

PWS encourages everyone exploring our parks to be across the seven Leave No Trace principles.

To view the principles, visit- https://parks.tas.gov.au/explore-our-parks/know-before-you-go/leave-no-trace ​​

Published 2/12/2022