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Feedback sought on fire management planning for the TWWHA

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​The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) is seeking feedback on fire management for the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA). 

A series of issues papers have been prepared that cover a range of challenges faced by PWS in managing fires within the TWWHA.  

Topics include backburning; cultural burning; the use of aircraft, the use of fire retardants and suppressants in firefighting; peat fires; and the use of military and volunteers in a fire response, as well as other matters.

PWS Deputy Secretary Jason Jacobi said the feedback would inform the development of a fire management plan for the TWWHA, which covers more than 20 per cent of the Tasmanian land mass. 

The TWWHA fire management plan will seek to minimise the risk of destructive bushfires while maintaining the outstanding natural and cultural heritage values of the area. 

“While some vegetation types recover well after fire, other more sensitive vegetation communities are threatened with irreversible or long term harm by bushfires, especially by large bushfires occurring in the summer months and it is important our continued protection of these areas is upheld,” Mr Jacobi said.

“These fire sensitive vegetation communities can take hundreds or even thousands of years to recover following a bushfire.”

Mr Jacobi said public safety was also a key consideration for PWS fire management. 

“Our fire management program for the TWWHA also focuses on the suppression of any bushfires that pose a threat to public safety and other values located inside the TWWHA or on adjoining lands.”  

To view the issues papers please visit the Have Your Say page.​ The feedback period closes on October 2 and will be used to inform a draft TWWHA Fire Management Plan for public consultation. 

Published 7/09/2020