Darlington Township Walking path, Maria Island National Park
Darlington Township Walk, Maria Island National Park

New management plans to future-proof Maria Island

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​​​​​​The Tasmanian community will be engaged in the development of revised management plans for Maria Island and its marine reserve that will ensure the heritage and natural values are protected and presented for decades to come.

The Parks and Wildlife Service have contracted Tasmanian firm “Inspiring Place” to oversee the review and update of two documents – the Maria Island National Park and IIe Des Phoques Nature Reserve Management Plan and the Site Plan for Darlington Probation Station World Heritage Site.  

The current plans were created prior to the World Heritage listing of the Darlington Probation Station in 2010. So the project will ensure  management of the World Heritage listed site is guided by a contemporary planning instrument.

As one of the 11 serial listed World Heritage convict sites in Australia, the Darlington Probation Station is a place of extraordinary heritage importance. 

Collectively, theses sites are representative of the global phenomenon of the forced migration of convicts. Maria Island had an important role to play alongside other heritage places like Port Arthur and Norfolk Island. 

Maria Island is also deeply etched in the Aboriginal history of Tasmania and in the modern day psyche of its current visitors.​

The community and stakeholders will be invited to provide feedback on discussion papers covering a range of topics, prepared by Inspiring Place, which will be used in drafting the new plans. 

People will be able to track the project and access the discussion papers, once developed, from the project’s Have Your Say page​.

Published 17/10/2020