View of the Eastern Arthur mountain range, Hanging Lake and a red helicopter flying a toilet pod
Helicopter slingloading a toilet pod at Hanging Lake

Eastern and Western Arthurs and Huon Track have reopened

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​The Eastern Arthur Range Traverse, Huon Track and the full Western Arthur Range Traverse have reopened.

The tracks were under repair for almost two years following the 2018-19 bushfires.

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) worked with contractors to clear and rebuild more than 40 km of tracks extensively damaged by the bushfires.

The tracks' reopening signals a significant milestone in the area's bushfire recovery. The project was funded through the Community Recovery Fund, a joint Australian-Tasmanian Government investment under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements and delivered by Tasmanian contractors using predominantly locally-sourced materials.

The project team and contractors rebuilt more than 4 km of track across the Cracroft Plains and in the Strike Creek area, to help minimise spread from these two areas which are infected with Phytophthora cinnamomi (root rot).

A new rebuilt walkway in the grass plains with views of a mountain range in the background at Cracroft Plains

Cracroft Plains - rebuilt walkway

The team also raised and realigned tracks and relocated two campsites (Cracroft Crossing and Pass Creek) to reduce the spread of root rot and help keep most of the track network uninfected.

These tracks are two of Tasmania's most challenging backcountry bushwalking tracks and are for very experienced walkers who wish to experience some of the most spectacular and remote ranges in Australia. Both these tracks contain many steep cliff sections where rock scrambling and pack hauling is required.

The completed work means experienced walkers will once again be able to enjoy the full Western Arthur Range Traverse. These are areas without phone reception where navigation skills are required. It's very important to be prepared.

Walkers are urged to play their part to help protect the environmental values of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area by remaining on the walkways, and only camp on the platforms provided in these areas.

Overnight walker registration for the Eastern Arthur Range Traverse is now open. There is a daily cap of 6 walkers.  Walkers who only want to focus on Federation Peak (rather than the full traverse) can register for the Farmhouse Creek Track, but must use the Cutting Camp campsite, for a maximum two-night stay. This also has a daily cap of 6 walkers.

Our skilled and experienced PWS Wilderness Rangers who are deployed over the peak walking season, along with the walker registration system that manages daily departures, are key to walker safety and protecting these fragile and remote bushwalking environments.

The registration system has been well received by walkers who recognise their role in helping to protect these special areas. As we prepare for another busy walking season it's important that people register their overnight walks.

For more information on the tracks and to register your walk, visit the Western Arthur Range and Eastern Arthur Range Traverse ​pages on our website.

Published 19/09/2022