Three rangers working in an overcast coastal environment
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Celebrating World Ranger Day: honouring the dedication of rangers around the world

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On July 31 we will celebrate World Ranger Day, which honours the dedication of rangers around the world who help to conserve the planet's natural environments and wildlife.  This week we’re sharing stories from some of the people that call Tasmania’s parks and reserves their office and highlighting the amazing work they do.

Meet Ranger Dominique. She has worked for Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service for 22 years and is the Ranger In Charge based out of the Scottsdale Field Centre, where she manages the North-East coastline and inland reserves, including Deal Island in Bass Strait. 

She also spent the past few years working as the Ranger in Charge on Flinders Island and surrounds.
“My job sees me working in a range of environments from coastal reserves, inland forests and island national parks. With the exception of paperwork, there is never a dull moment!” Dominique said
“I enjoy working with the small team here at Scottsdale to manage and share the natural and cultural areas with all our visitors.

“I love the beauty and diversity of Tasmania. I think it’s easy to take the natural wonders found in Tasmania for granted. I am well-travelled, and my overseas experiences really make me appreciate 
the fact we have such diverse landscapes, in good condition that are worth protecting for future generations to appreciate.”

Thanks for sharing your story, Dominique.  Keep up the great work!

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Published 28/07/2023