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Celebrating World Ranger Day

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On July 31 we will celebrate World Ranger Day, which honours the dedication of rangers around the world who help to conserve the planet's natural environments and wildlife.  This week we’re sharing stories from some of the people that call Tasmania’s parks and reserves their office and highlighting the amazing work they do.

Meet Ranger Martin.  He has worked for PWS for 13 years, starting as a visitor reception officer at Ben Lomond National Park and now works as a ranger at Freycinet National Park.

 “I really enjoy the varied nature of my role; no two days are the same and plans can go out the window with one phone call,” Martin said. 

“One minute I can be carrying out safety inspections on infrastructure, the next minute I could be called to assist with sick or injured animals, or drive a boat, or attended a wildfire. You just never know what’s just around the corner.

“My current role is a mix of office and field-based work. The work we do ensures the natural and cultural values that make Freycinet so special are conserved and that the park is safe and well presented for visitors. 

“I appreciate the long and varied history of the area and understand we are merely custodians, looking after it for today’s visitors and generations to come.

“Freycinet is a special place for many Tasmanians as it’s where so many of us were introduced to bushwalking, sea kayaking and rock climbing on school camps. It’s a tradition that continues. I enjoy meeting the wide range of people that visit Freycinet.” 

Thanks for sharing your story, Martin.  Keep up the great work!

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Published 24/07/2023