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Campfire restrictions lifted in many of Tasmania's national parks and reserves

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As of 02:00am 20 March 2023, the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) has lifted annual campfire restrictions in non Fuel Stove Only Areas in national parks and reserves.

The restrictions are an important measure to prevent bushfires from starting as campfires can easily escape and spread rapidly, and to ensure community safety and safe camping over the summer. The restrictions have been in place since 20 December 2022.

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) State Fire Manager Katy Edwards thanked visitors to national parks, reserves, and crown land for their cooperation this summer. 

“Thank you to all visitors who have adhered to campfire restrictions. By doing this visitors helped ensure public safety along with the protection of our significant reserve estate by preventing bushfires from starting,” Katy said. 

“We recognise that campers enjoy a campfire over the cooler months and that the lifting of restrictions will be welcomed by visitors. 

“However, please continue to be mindful that campfires can easily escape and start a bushfire. If you light a campfire, you are legally responsible for ensuring that it is safe, does not escape, and is completely extinguished with water before you leave the area.

“Campfires must be at least three metres away from overhanging branches, stumps, logs, trees, leaf litter and other flammable materials and a water source of at least 10 litres should be close by.”

Visitors are reminded that campfires can only be lit in areas where signage indicates they are permitted. There are some national parks and reserves that are Fuel Stove Only Areas all year round to protect the natural and cultural heritage values by reducing the risk of damaging bushfires. Campfires are prohibited in Fuel Stove Only Areas and breaches of the regulations can result in a substantial fine. 

For more information on campfires and Fuel Stove Only (FSO) Areas visit the  
Fuel Stove Only Areas​ on the PWS w​ebsite.

Published 20/03/2023