Saddle Seat Group
Saddle Seat Group

Back in the saddle after a new lease on life

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before and after

Before and after of the refurbished 'Saddle Seat.'​

​​The popular ‘saddle seat’ near the Wineglass Bay lookout has recently been given a new lease on life after receiving the tick of approval from the original designer.

Originally installed by students of the UTAS School of Architecture in 2000, the seat, which was constructed of untreated eucalypt, was starting to show the effects of over 20 years exposed to the weather and thousands of backsides.

Keen to renew the seat while retaining the integrity of the original design, Ranger Martin Wells, contacted Stephen Geason, one of the original students who designed and built the seat, to discuss plans for the renewal.

Between them, they decided to utilise an Oyster Bay Pine that had fallen in a storm in 2020. 

Freycinet field staff used a chainsaw mill to produce the required timber and with the assistance of the Wildcare Friends of Freycinet volunteer group, reconstructed the seat as close to Stephen’s original design as possible.

Stephen recently visited the seat and commented, "It was fantastic to see the refurbished saddle seat has held onto the original design integrity, along with the use of locally sourced timber and volunteer involvement. I look forward to sitting on it for another 20 years with my grandchildren."​

Saddle Seat Group

Parks and Wildlife Service Ranger Marty Wells and Friends of Freycinet volunteers enjoying the fruits of their labour.

Published 2/06/2023