Fuel Reduction Burn at Quail Hill crop 2
Fuel Reduction Burn - Quail Hill crop 2 (photograph: Mia Cassidy)

Autumn planned burning season is underway

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The autumn planned burning season has started for the PWS on a high note with ten burns totalling approximately 8,500 hectares completed in the past two weeks. This has included three asset protection burns in the Tasmania Wilderness World Heritage Area at Lake St Clair and Cradle Mountain and three remote area strategic fuel reduction burns in Southwest Tasmania.

The PWS has further burns planned across the State near Arthur River, Tullah, Southport, Southern Ranges, Lime Bay, Fortescue Bay and Bridport.  PWS works in close cooperation with the Tasmanian Fire Service and Sustainable Timbers Tasmania to implement the Fuel Reduction Program across the State.  The objective of this program is enhanced bushfire protection for Tasmanian communities, infrastructure, industry and environmental values.

PWS planned burns undergo a rigorous environmental and risk assessment process. Mitigation measures are included in the burn plans. These plans outline the preparation works required prior to undertaking the burn.  Prescriptions are set for protecting the identified values and assets - they consider the wind direction and speed, humidity, temperature, soil moisture and smoke generated - all factors needed to meet the desired objectives of the burn. 

For those planning on walking or visiting parks and reserves, for your own safety we ask you to check the website so you are aware of burns planned for the period you will be undertaking your activity. 

Please heed all advisory signage and directions by staff or traffic control contractors during burning operations.

Further burns will be coming online over the next 8 – 10 weeks. For more information on what is burning now see the PWS website - Planned burns page​, or check the TFS website - What is burning now​.

Information about precautions that people with health issues can take is available at the Department of Health and Human Services website - Bushfire smoke and your health.

Published 20/03/2020