Mt Field camping
Camping Mt Field (photograph: Chris Crerar)

Are campfires permitted?

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​​Going camping?

Many people are planning their next camping trip and wondering whether they are permitted to light campfires.  A number of new web pages have been developed on the PWS website to help people understand what they can and can’t do with respect to campfires. No one wants a bushfire on their doorstep.

Shockingly more than 70 unattended and illegal campfires were found in the 2019-2020 summer season in Tasmania. This was amidst the enormous effort fighting uncontrolled bushfires on mainland Australia - where many Tassie firefighters were helping out.​

If you are camping be sure to check out the right steps to take to keep your fellow campers, Parks and Wildlife Service staff and the local community safe. 

To find out about whether campfires are allowed in your chosen campground - head to Campfires and campfire restrictions.

Before you leave home please check the alerts for your planned location.

Find out where campfires are allowed and help us to reduce the risk of bushfires starting in our parks.

If campfires are permitted then check out the Campfire safety pages.

Always have a container and plenty of water on hand to ensure your campfire is completely out before you depart. Never leave a campfire unattended.  It is a serious offence and heavy penalties apply. Ensure your campfire is completely extinguished when you depart. Remember - Soak it. Stir it. Soak it again. 

If campfires are not permitted you’ll see this

no Camp fires.png

​To learn about the different types of restrictions see Fire restrictions. This includes information about what is permitted on Total Fire Ban days.​

Many parks are Fuel Stove Only areas​ all year, find out what this means.  You will see this new symbol under the Features on each page with the other symbols.

fuel stove.png

Read Campfire safety and restrictions so you can do the right thing around campfires.

Happy camping.​

Published 17/03/2021