LSC Local Art Exhibition September-October 1
LSC Local Art Exhibition September-October 1

A fresh crop of talent on display at Lake St Clair

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Lake St Clair Visitor Centre is continuing its run of showcasing exceptional local artworks with the latest iteration of their rolling exhibition now on show.
The current display combines the works of 3 photographers, Andy Szöllősi, Erik Fitzgibbon and Prasanna Ekanayake who all share a deep love for the Tasmanian wilderness.  

Andy Szöllősi is a wilderness photographer and frame maker based in Hobart. His intention as an artist is to bring back stories and images from places that not many people get to visit, in an effort to inspire and to foster a sense of connection with nature.

Eric Fitzgibbon's deep connection to Lake St Clair began during his teenage years when his family acquired the Derwent Bridge Hotel. Growing up in Derwent Bridge nurtured his love for the local alpine flora.

An avid solo bushwalker, Eric has explored the Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park extensively.

The endemic Tasmanian Snow Gum (E. coccifera) with its smooth, grey and cream-coloured bark and peppermint scented foliage, is a true icon of Tasmania's subalpine regions.  

Eric captures the Snow Gums resilience and elegance in the face of challenging alpine conditions. 

Prasanna Ekanayake is a nature photographer who loves to explore the hidden wonders of our planet.  

He believes that nature is a source of inspiration, joy, and healing for all living beings.  

“My goal is to capture the essence of nature in its various forms, from the majestic landscapes, like Lake St Clair, to the delicate details. 

What I love about photography is that I capture a moment in time that is then gone forever, and impossible to recapture.  

I use light, color, and composition to create images that evoke emotions and tell stories. I hope that my photographs can inspire others to appreciate and protect the environment that we share.” 

On the walls until 31 October, why not make the trip to check out these images and the natural beauty of Lake St Clair for yourself.  

Find everything you need to know about Lake St Clair by heading to:  

If you’re a local artist and would like the chance to display your own works in a future exhibition, please contact the Lake St Clair Visitor Centre at to register your interest. 

Published 3/10/2023