Mountain bike riding on a trail surrounded by trees
Mountain biking - Meehan Range (photograph: Jonathan Wherrett)

Tippogoree Hills - Mountain Bike Trails

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​​​​​​​Tippogoree Hills Conservation Area - Mountain Bike Trail Network ​​

The Parks and Wildlife Service invited public submissions on the proposed development of Mountain Bike Trails in Tippogoree Hills Conservation Area. The proposed trail network represents the second stage of a larger mountain bike trail network being developed by George Town Council. 

The complete Tippogoree Hills Trail Network design offers approximately 56 kilometres over 36 trails, the construction of a 1.3 kilometre public access road, a ​​parking area and a 2.8 kilometre service access road. 

Natural and cultural values surveys, including assessment of multiple alignment options, were carried out to ensure the proposed track and service road has minimal impact. Aboriginal Heritage advice and reports have been assessed and they have deliberately not been released, to protect culturally sensitive information.

The Australian Government, under the Community Development Grant Program, has provided $4.4 million dollars of funding for the entire George Town Mountain Bike Trail project, of which this is the second stage. ​​

Project Stages​

Stage 1 -​​ Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) document and supporting documents accepted as suitable for public consultation.

Stage 2 - Public consultation process advertised in three regional papers. Draft EIS and supporting appendices available on the 'Have your say' page of PWS website. 

Stage 3 - The period for making public submissions closed. Final EIS is prepared by proponent, addressing comments received during the public consultation process.  

Stage 4 - Assessment of the final EIS completed and PWS prepares an Environmental Assessment Report (EAR) including the submissions report and public submissions​​. 

Stage 5 - Final EIS, EAR, statement of reasons and public submissions published on the PWS website.  

​​Key dates

Public consultation period begins:

  • Saturday, 26 February 2022

Close of comment period:

  • Monday, 28 March 2022

Final EIS assessment completed:

  • September 2022

EIS, EAR, statement of reasons and public submissions published:

  • February 2023

Environmental Assessment Report

 Environmental Assessment Report Tippogoree Hills Trail Network RAA 4014 (PDF 1Mb)​

Reference Documents

 Tippogoree Hills Conservation Area - Tippogoree Hills Mountain Bike Trail Network Draft Reserve Activity Assessment document 4014 (PDF 3Mb)

 Appendix B - Economic Analysis Tippogoree Hills Conservation Area RAA 4014 (PDF 8Mb)

 Appendix C - Signage Plan Tippogoree Hills Conservation Area RAA 4014 (PDF 4Mb)

 Appendix D - Trail Maintenance Plan Tippogoree Hills Conservation Area RAA 4014 (PDF 304Kb)

 Appendix E - ConstructionEnvironmental Management Plan Tippogoree Hills Conservation Area RAA 4014 (PDF 17Mb)

 Appendix F - Natural Values Assessment Tippogoree Hills Conservation Area RAA 4014 (PDF 7Mb)

 Appendix G - Weed Management Plan Tippogoree Hills Conservation Area RAA 4014 (PDF 3Mb)

Appendix H - Aboriginal Heritage Report - Tippogoree Hills Conservation Area - RAA 4014  (purposefully not released)

 Appendix I - Traffic Impact Assessment Shuttle Bus Access off Bridport Road Tippogoree Hills Conservation Area RAA 4014 (PDF 2Mb)

 Appendix J - Traffic Impact Assessment Lauriston Park Mountain Trail Access off Bridport Main Road Tippogoree Hills Conservation Area RAA 4014 (PDF 3Mb)​