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New Bridgewater Bridge Project

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​The proposed development includes works within the River Derwent Marine Conservation Area and on Crown land, and has been assessed by the PWS under the National Parks and Reserve Management Act 2002 and the Crown Lands Act 1976

The Major Projects Impact Statement ​(MPIS) and associated documentation contain the information required for this assessment. ​

The proposed works within the River Derwent Marine Conservation Area include (but are not limited to):

  • construction of permanent piles to support the bridge structure;
  • reclamation of land on the northern and southern ends of the bridge structure for the purpose of a construction laydown area and to enable access to the construction zone;
  • installation and removal of temporary platforms supported by piles and extending out from the causeway and/or following the bridge alignment to enable bridge construction works;
  • installation and removal of barriers and screens during the construction phase to separate areas subject to construction disturbance from the surrounding ecosystem; and
  • use of large barges to support machinery and associated anchors and lines.

Project stages

Stage 1 - Major Projects Impact Statement (MPIS) and supporting documents accepted as suitable for public consultation.​​


​​​Stage 2 - MPIS and supporting documents available on the ‘Have your say’ page of the PWS website via a link to the Tasmanian Planning Commission website. Assessment documents made available by the PWS for specialist advice and input.

​​​​​Stage 3 - The period for making public submissions closed. Final submission report is prepared by the proponent, addressing comments received during the public consultation process, and specialist advice.


​Stage 4 - Assessment of the final response from the proponent completed and the PWS prepares an Environmental Assessment Report (EAR).


​​​Stage 5 - Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), EAR, are published on the PWS website.

Key Dates

Public Consultation period beings
Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Close of comment period
Thursday, 17 February 2022

Final EIS assessment completed
Monday, 27 June 2022

EIS, EAR and public published

February 2023

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