Camping Mt Field (photograph: Chris Crerar)

Cockle Creek Campgrounds Upgrade Project

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​​The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service invite public comments and feedback on the proposed changes to the Catamaran and Ramsgate campgrounds to be undertaken as part of the Cockle Creek Campgrounds Upgrade Project.

The Project will upgrade campgrounds at two popular visitor nodes within the Cockle Creek Precinct, namely the Catamaran Boat Ramp and Campground and the Ramsgate Campground.

This project is supports the  sustainable management of the Precinct's natural and cultural values and outstanding nature based tourism and recreational experiences, commensurate with being the southern-most gateway to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and Southwest National Park.​​

These plans build on the 2019 Cockle Creek Precinct Plan and have been prepared with the following guiding principles in mind:

  • Ensuring the quality of visitor experience is comparable with the significant values of these reserves. This area is identified as the southern-most gateway into the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and Southwest National Park for a range of day and overnight visitors;
  • Managing the camping sites and day use areas more sustainably to protect the natural and cultural values;
  • Fostering more efficient vehicle access and the overall layout of the camping sites;
  • Relocating the roads behind the camping areas to significantly increase the overall amenity of the camping sites and reduce the safety risk issues associated with crossing roads to reach the foreshore;.

Improving the camping experience

  • Providing a better mix of camping style opportunities to cater for differing needs. For example providing a range of small to larger group camping sites, vehicle-based camp sites, tent-based camping and RV campsites.
  • Upgrading the provision and location of toilets and day use facilities to better cater for visitor use and create safe vehicle free areas around these facilities;
  • Defining the campground vegetation to better control and limit unplanned expansion and adverse site impacts. This includes identifying areas for revegetation and fencing to protect native vegetation;

​Site visitor and vehicle flow

  • Minimising vehicle entry points, internal vehicle access tracks and parking within the camping areas in order to improve safety and maximise space available for camping use;
  • Defining access tracks to the foreshore and reducing risks of erosion and loss of vegetation;
  • Providing the management capacity to temporarily close some camping areas to allow for recovery of sites outside of the peak use times;
  • Improving access and parking for boat trailers using the existing boat ramps and boat launching sites; and
  • Improving the drainage and site surfaces at many of the camping areas.​

Key Dates

Public Consultation Period begins: 

​Saturday 14 August 2021

Close of Comments Period: 

Monday 13 September 2021 at 9 am

Final EIS assessment Completed: 

To Be Announced

EIS, EAR and Public submissions published: 

​​To be Announced

Background information

The reference documents can be found below.


The Parks and Wildlife Service invite public participation in the review of the proposed campground changes.​

Written submissions were invited from the public to be received by 9am Monday 13 September 2021.


Mail: Cockle Creek Campground Project

PO Box 126, Moonah, Tas 7009