Tourist taking a photo on their phone at Wineglass Bay on sunny day
Wineglass Bay (photograph: Natalie Mendham)

Parks visitation and tourism

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Visitor statistics are used to manage Tasmania's national parks and reserves and improve the experience for visitors.

An understanding of patterns of use allows managers to make informed decisions about providing facilities to enhance visitor enjoyment and safety, and to protect the natural and cultural values for which the parks and reserves were created.

Parks visitation

​For information on visitor numbers to selected national parks and reserves, see our report on Visitors to Selected Reference Sites:

  Visitors to selected parks & reserves 2019-2020   (201Kb)​

​Other visitor re​search

Further information on the range of visitors to Tasmania is available from Tourism Tasmania​

Permit for visitor research

For more information about visitor research, or to apply for a permit to conduct social research in Tasmania’s national parks and reserves please see our contact information.​


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