Tamar River Conservation Area
Tamar River Conservation Area (photograph: Natalie Mendham)

Reserve listing

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​​​Complete Listing of National Parks and Reserves under the Nature Conservation Act 2002 (as at 29 January 2014)

Areas in this list are grouped according to their statutory class, in accordance with the Nature Conservation Act 2002

  • National Park;
  • State Reserve;
  • Nature Reserve;
  • Game Reserve;
  • Conservation Area;
  • Nature Recreation Area;
  • Regional Reserve;
  • Historic Site;
  • Private Nature Reserve; or 
  • Private Sanctuary.​ 

Tasmania reserve listing map

Reserves are declared under the Nature Conservation Act 2002 that sets out the values and purposes of each reserve class and managed under the National Parks and Reserves Management Act 2002 according to management objectives for each class.

​In ​total, the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) manages  823 terrestrial reserves covering about 2.9 million hectares, or over 42% of the land area of the State.

The Tasmanian Reserve Estate includes a further 135,400 hectares in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), of which Macquarie Island MPA is 74,700 hectares.  There are a further 53,700 hectares under reserve in other areas of the marine and estuarine environments.  In total 7.9% of Tasmania’s State coastal waters is reserved, however only 4.2% is in no-take areas and the majority of this is concentrated around subantarctic Macquarie Island. Only 1.1% of Tasmania’s immediate coastal waters are fully protected in no-take areas.

Details of the reserves within each reserve classification, including their size, IUCN category and earliest date of reservation are available online as a PDF.

  Reserve Listing   (248Kb)

The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service also assists in the protection of private land that is declared as Private Nature Reserves, Private Sanctuaries and Areas Covenanted for Conservation.

​The total, the Tasmanian Reserve Estate as at at 30th June 2014 indicates a total terrestrial reserved area of 3,414,000 hectares, or 50.1% of the area of Tasmania, including both PWS and Forestry Tasmania managed reserved land, formal and informal reserves on public land, reserves on private land, and Wellington Park.

​The total reserved area, including Marine Protected Areas, is 3,603,200 hectares.​

​The following table is a summary of the number of reserves under each classification and the total area in hectares of each classification.

Number of reserves​Total area (ha)​
​National parks
​State reserve
​Nature reserve
​Game reserve
​Conservation area
​Nature recreation area
​Regonal reserve
​Historic site​