Fuel reduction burn, Retakunna cabin, 2018

Planned burns

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Planned burning is an important part of fire management. Its objective is to maintain biodiversity and to reduce the risk posed by bushfires to communities, biodiversity, infrastructure and services.

The Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) works with the Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) and Sustainable Timber Tasmania (STT) to deliver the Statewide Fuel Reduction Burning program.  Further information on the Fuel Reduction Program can be found at the TFS website.

The locations of planned and completed burns are updated regularly.

Concerns relating to smoke should be lodged with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA)

The TFS has information on bushfires, planned burns and permit fires.

From 1 July 2019 - 30 June 2020  the Parks and Wildlife Fire Management undertook 45 planned burns covering an area of approximately 22 000 hectares.

Proposed planned burns from 1 July 2020 onwards are listed below​.

Whether a burn is undertaken is dependent on a broad range of factors including weather and fuel condition, as a result, some burns may not be undertaken.

DateLocationTotal HectaresStatusContact Number
14/11/2020Stewarts Bay Tasman Peninsula13Proposed Soon61654053
13/11/2020D'Entrecasteaux Plains461Proposed Soon61654053
13/11/2020Demans Cove84Proposed Soon61654053
13/11/2020Risdon Geilston Bay38Proposed Soon61654053
13/11/2020Howden29Proposed Soon61654053
13/11/2020Akaroa5Proposed Soon6777 2179
13/11/2020Snug Tiers102Proposed Soon61654053
13/11/2020Blackmans Bay14Proposed Soon61654053
13/11/2020Lyell Highway426Proposed Soon64643008
13/11/2020Strahan93Proposed Soon64643008
13/11/2020Arthur River61Proposed Soon64643008
13/11/2020Arthur River606Proposed Soon64643008
13/11/2020Arthur River684Proposed Soon64643008
13/11/2020Arthur River166Proposed Soon64643008
13/11/2020Rocky Cape73Proposed Soon64643008
13/11/2020King Island49Proposed Soon64643008
13/11/2020King Island143Proposed Soon64643008
13/11/2020Akaroa4Proposed Soon6777 2179
13/11/2020Lefroy315Proposed Soon6777 2179
7/08/2020Arthur River8Partially Complete64643008
2/11/2020Southwest572Partially Complete61654053
16/10/2020Southwest57Complete6165 4053
16/10/2020Southwest68Complete6165 4053
16/10/2020Lake St Clair93Complete64643008
20/10/2020Savage River418Complete64643008
26/10/2020Coles Bay1Complete6777 2179
27/10/2020Wellington Park93Complete61654053
2/11/2020Pieman Heads1868Complete64643008
4/11/2020Mount Nelson8Complete61654053
9/11/2020Bridport6Complete6777 2179
9/11/2020Bridport9Complete6777 2179
9/11/2020Bridport8Complete6777 2179
19/11/2020Lulworth65Complete6777 2179
3/12/2020Pipers River169Complete6777 2179


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