Fire operations, Strathgordon, Feb 2016
Fire operations, Strathgordon, Feb 2016 (photograph: Warren Frey)

Fire management

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​​​PWS fire management​

​The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) is responsible for managing the fire risk and response to bushfires across all the lands which it manages.

In Tasmania, there is an agreement between the three key fire management authorities, (PWS, the Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) and Sustainable Timber Tasmania), to coordinate responses to large bushfires. Large, complex fire incidents are managed by In​cident Management Teams in accordance with the nationally recognised Australasian Inter-service Incident Control System.

PWS has a range of fire management specialists, including fire management officers, fire operations officers, fire crews and incident management teams that assist with firefighting each summer.

Fire management strategies and plans are produced for particular reserves. The plans address public and visitor safety and the protection of ecosystems and property.

Bushfire response and current bu​shfire situation

The PWS response to bushfires is guided by a suite of fire management policies, guidelines and safe work procedures that align with National Best Practices such as the National Bushfire Management Policy Statement for Forests and Rangelands 2014. For more information on the management of our parks and reserves​, please see our Management plans page​.

Current information on bushfires, permit fires and planned burns on all lands across Tasmania is available​ on the TFS website​. For information on track, campground and reserve closures or restrictions see our alerts page. Updates on the impact of current fires on our reserves are provided on the PWS news and events page​. ​

​For information relating to PWS planned burns, please refer to our Planned burns ​page.


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