Commercial photographer on the Frenchmans Cap track
Commercial photographer on the Frenchmans Cap track (photograph: Dan Broun)

Commercial filming

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Abou​​​t commercial filming​

Commercial filming can be defined as any filming which is undertaken for a financial consideration, either on consignment for another party or with a view to selling or hiring the imagery obtained, or for promotion of a product or service, and includes still photography for advertising purposes.

Filming of areas managed by the PWS can make a significant contribution towards helping to raise awareness of conservation issues and promoting the appreciation and use of those areas and PWS objectives. However, there is a need to ensure that the activities of film crews do not damage the environment, conflict with the enjoyment of other users, incorrectly present information or show inappropriate activities. 

How d​​​o I a​​pply for a permit?

Complete the Commercial Filming Agreement and return to the PWS.

Commercial F​ilming Application(415Kb)​​

​​​​Who nee​​ds a permit?

Permits are required by those parties who wish to undertake filming or photography for the purposes of sale or hire.  So this includes:

  • Commercial filming (advertisements) 
  • Feature filming (cinema, video and TV) 
  • Documentaries and tourism promotions 
  • Educational and government sponsored filming 
  • Stills photography for advertising purposes.

​​​​Who doesn't need a permit?

There are some exceptions to the need for a permit, though these parties should still inform the local Senior Ranger of their intent to film, and comply with the Commercial Filming Guidelines where possible.

  • ​​News of the day (electronic and print) and current affairs do not require approval, a permit or the payment of fees.


Public Liability Insurance cover of a minimum of $20 million AUD is required. A copy of this must be forwarded with your completed application.

Filming fee for production crew
Up to 8 people the fee is $440 per project*
8+ people the fee is $1750+ per project

* This may change dependent on the level of interruption from the project.

A bond (or guarantee) may be required for the purposes of repairing any damage or cleaning up after the event. The amount will be determined in each case (at the discretion of ​the PWS Officer), based on the activities proposed and the number of people and equipment involved.

Ranger Fee (an invoice will be issued for ranger services post production)​

  • ​​​​​Weekday fee is $75 per person per hour
  • ​Weekend/Public Holiday fee is $90 per person per hour
  • Actors Equity charges will apply for PWS staff used on camera in fee paying productions​​

No charge productions
T​he following projects do not attract a fee, however they are still required to complete the Commercial Filming Application in order to obtain a filming fee exemption.

  • Educational or tourism productions deemed beneficial to PWS objectives with appropriate promotional message
  • Federal or state government tourism department sponsored filming
  • News and current affairs​​


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