Franklin River Rafting tour on the River
Franklin River rafting tour passing the Irenabyss (photograph: Cam Blake)

Parks 21

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​​​​The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) recognises and values the role of nature-based tourism operators in promoting and encouraging visitors to enjoy and appreciate Tasmania's parks and reserves.  We are committed to working cooperatively with the Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania (TICT) to provide quality visitor experiences that reflect positively on Tasmania's tourism industry while also conserving the values that attract people to the experience in the first place.

The PWS staff work closely with the TICT's Australian Tourism Accreditation Program which is designed to raise professionalism of the industry through implementation of business management practices and standards.

As part of the partnership, businesses with contracts with the PWS and accredited with the TICT will be able to use the PWS Accredited Licensed Operator logo.

P​​​arks 21

As part of the partnership with the TICT, a strategic action plan for tourism in Tasmania's parks and reserves was developed. It aims to facilitate environmental, social and economic sustainable tourism; whilst continuing to nurture our parks and reserves.  

View the Parks 21 Strategic Action Plan:

  Parks 21 Joint Strategic Action Plan   (8Mb)​

View our latest Progress Report:

  Parks 21 Progress Report   (2Mb)