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Tasmania's Next Iconic Walk


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Track, Campsite and Reserve Closures and Re-openings

From time to time, tracks, campsites and reserves will be closed for a variety of reasons, including safety risks such as high fire danger or track improvement works.

While we try to keep this page up to date, closures or re-openings can sometimes happen at short notice. For that reason, we also recommend checking the Parks and Wildlife Service Facebook page.

Short-term and short-notice closures will also be listed on notice boards at the reserve.

For further information on track, reserve or campsite closures, please contact local rangers. See our Office Contacts for the relevant contact details.

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Officers Quarters Museum – temporary restriction of access

Access to the Officers Quarters Museum at Eaglehawk Neck in the Tasman National Park will be temporarily restricted from 29 October for approximately two weeks to allow essential electrical maintenance works to occur. General access to Eaglehawk Neck Historic Site will be unaffected.

For enquiries, contact Tasman Field Centre on 6250 3980.

Gate on Western Lakes Road near Lake Augusta now open

Updated 4 October 2018

The main gate on the Western Lakes Road near Lake Augusta is now open allowing vehicular access to the Nineteen Lagoons area.

The gates on the following tracks remain closed until conditions are deemed to be dry enough to open whilst preventing unnecessary damage: Pillans/ Julians Lake Track, Talinah Lagoon track, and Double Lagoon Track

These tracks are due to open approximately the 1st of November and will be assessed regularly from now on. Notification will be given if they are opened earlier, as well as receiving weekly updates if conditions don’t allow them to be open by this date.

Car park at Goat Island closed due to storm damage

Updated 2 October 2018

The car park at Goat Island within the Three Sisters – Goat Island Nature Reserve is currently closed due to storm damage and is likely to be closed until early 2019. The car park is only closed for vehicles and people can still access the reserve on foot.

Blow Hole and Tasman Arch Temporary Track Closures

Updated 20 September 2018

Sections of the Blow Hole and Tasman Arch walking tracks in Tasman National Park will be temporarily closed on various days for track maintenance between 24 September and 26 October. Access to these sites is still possible during this period, but certain sections of the associated walking tracks may be closed. 

For further enquires please contact Tasman Field Centre on 03 6250 3980

New Fortescue Bay boat ramp open

Updated 17 September 2018

Work has been completed on a major upgrade of the Fortescue Bay boat ramp on the Tasman Peninsula and the new boat ramp has opened for public use. The upgrade has resulted in a six-metre extension to the boat ramp and landing stage, and the installation of a lower landing to improve the usability at low tide level. There’s also a kayak-specific ramp to assist kayakers. 

The Parks and Wildlife Service, in partnership with Marine and Safety Tasmania, thank the public for their patience during the construction period.

Glacier Rock, Dove Lake Circuit at Cradle Mountain now open

Updated 14 September 2018

Construction of the new viewing platform is well under-way with foundation works completed over winter. Whilst the viewing platform is currently being fabricated off-site, a temporary FRP walkway has been installed through the construction site to allow visitors to safely access the rock.

We ask that all visitors take extra care at this site with their footing, particularly given the wet and wild weather at this time of year which can make track surfaces slippery.

The site will be temporarily closed again in November when the viewing platform components are flown in by helicopter and installation completed. 

Kate Reed and Trevallyn Nature Recreation Areas – Mountain Bike Tracks Open

Updated 3 September 2018

Parks and Wildlife Service, in conjunction with the Launceston Mountain Bike Club have assessed the Mountain Bike Tracks at Kate Reed and Trevallyn Reserves and agreed to open them for use from Saturday September 1st. The club and PWS appreciate your patience while they were closed for several weeks due to significant rain events.

Bird River 4WD Track (Kelly Basin Road) re-opened

Updated 31 August 2018

The most-recent landslip on the Bird River 4WD track (Kelly Basin Road) was cleared on 30th August. The gate and track have been re-opened to vehicles. 

For further information contact the West Coast Field Centre on 03 6472 6020.

Ben Lomond National Park road reopened

Updated 16 August 2018

The Ben Lomond National Park access road has now reopened to the village carpark.

The Ben Lomond Snow Sports building is currently a worksite and contractors are working on weather-proofing the damaged portion of the roof. Visitors are asked to keep clear of the building and its immediate surrounds until works are completed.

For any enquiries please contact the Tamar Field Centre on 03 6336 5397.

Pieman Heads toilet reopened

Updated 12 August 2018

The toilet located at the Pieman Heads jetties and shack area has been reopened, following replacement of the tank underneath. The toilet at the nearby Pieman Heads camping area also remains open. For further information contact the West Coast Field Centre on (03) 6472 6020 or PWS.WestCoast@parks.tas.gov.au

Godfrey's Beach Penguin Viewing Platform - closed

Updated 6 August 2018

Godfrey's Beach Penguin viewing area in Stanley will be closed for a period of 10 weeks to allow for the construction of the new platform.

PWS estimate that the platform will be opened by mid-October.

For any enquiries please contact the Ranger in Charge on 03 6464 3014.

Evercreech White Knights walking track - temporary closure

Updated 30 July 2018

The White Knights walking track at Evercreech in the state's North-east is temporarily closed due to falling tree limbs making it unsafe. Assessment of the trees and remedial works are under way, and it is anticipated the track may be closed until November 2018.

For any enquiries please contact the St. Helens Field Centre on 03 6387 5510.

The Shot Tower - closed

Updated 19 July 2018

The Shot Tower in the Hobart Suburb of Taroona, will be closed from 23 July to 31 August for maintenance and renovations.

Little Fisher Road - works update

Updated 29 June 2018

The erosion repair works on the Little Fisher track have been completed. The bridges are scheduled to be replaced with new pedestrian structures by the end of 2018 however the track remains open. Visitors are advised to assess the condition of each structure prior to using and proceed at your own risk.

For any enquiries please contact the Great Western Tiers Field Centre on 03 6701 2104.

Mersey River – safety advice for paddlers

Updated 7 June 2018

Canoeists and rafters using the Upper Mersey River from the Mersey White Water Regional Reserve are advised that a large volume of logs and debris has built up at the entrance to Lake Parangana, which could interfere with safe passage.

This area poses a severe risk to water craft with the potential to become entangled and jammed. The Parks and Wildlife Service recommends that paddlers and other recreational users avoid the area until further notice.

For more information or updates, please contact the Great Western Tiers Field Centre on 03 6701 2104.

Judds Creek Road closed

Updated 22 May 2018

Two river crossings on the Judd's Creek Road (Russell Ridge CA) have been cut by the recent flood event. The reserve received 168mm of rain fall in a 24 hour period, severely damaging the road. Judd's Creek Road provides access from the Judbury entrance to the Russell Ridge CA and the Billy Brown Falls Walking Track. The road will remain closed until further notice.

For further details, please call the Huonville Office on 03 6121 7026.

Road works at Maria Island.

Updated 21 May 2018

Over 200mm of rain fell on Maria Island within a 24-hour period on 29th and 30th January 2016 causing significant damage to the road infrastructure throughout Maria Island.

The required quarrying, bridge replacements and road and drainage repair works will commence on Wednesday 7th March 2018.

The road repair works will be staged as follows:

  • Gravel extraction from Four Mile Creek quarry March – April 2018
  • Road and drainage repair work Encampment Cove to Darlington March – May 2018
  • Coxswain Creek crossing repairs April 2018
  • Crooked McGuiness Bridge replacement May 2018
  • Darlington road and drainage repairs May 2018

It is the intent that the operations will have minimal impact to visitors using the roads. The roads will remain at least partially open throughout the repairs.

Works are planned to be completed by 8 June 2018.

Damage to infrastructure - Ben Lomond National Park

Updated 16 May 2018

A fire overnight has caused extensive damage to the Ben Lomond Alpine Hotel and the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service day shelter (including public toilets) and connecting boardwalk.

The fire has had a significant impact on some services in the national park. The national park remains open, however for safety reasons some infrastructure is currently closed.

It is important for anyone planning a visit to the national park to be aware that services at the hotel have been affected as well as some other infrastructure and people need to plan their trip accordingly for the time being.

The fire caused significant damage to the Parks and Wildlife Service day shelter on the mountain as well as the connecting boardwalk to the shelter. For public safety reasons this infrastructure is closed until further notice. The closure means that no public toilet facilities are available at the ski field.

The Ben Lomond campground is the closest public toilet location, which is approximately eight kilometres from the village.

For enquiries please contact the Tamar Field Centre on 03 6336 5397.

Seasonal closure of Lake Augusta Road access into 19 Lagoons.

Updated 14 May 2018

The Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) advises that:

  • Lake Augusta Rd from the Lake Augusta dam wall through to Lake Ada will be closed from 1st May 2018 to 1st October 2018 (approximately) subject to road inspections determining conditions are suitable for vehicular traffic.
  • The road to Double Lagoon and the Pillans and Talinah tracks will be closed from 1st May 2018 to 1st November 2018 (approximately) subject to road inspections determining conditions are suitable for vehicular traffic.
  • Access will be reinstated once the roads have been inspected and conditions are deemed suitable for vehicular traffic. Should weather or road conditions delay the opening beyond the proposed dates the PWS will endeavour to keep you informed as to the likely timeframe for the roads and tracks to reopen.
  • Lake Augusta Road from Highland Lakes Road through to Lake Augusta including access to Thousand Lakes Lodge will remain open all year round.

If you have any enquiries, you can do so via email to GWTadmin@parks.tas.gov.au or telephone 03 6701 2104.

Access to the Bruny Island Neck walkways and viewing platforms

Updated 30 April 2018

Visitors to the Bruny Island Neck walkways and viewing platforms are advised that a project to reconstruct the walkway and viewing platforms will get under way in May and continue until October 2018. The works will involve temporary closures and are being staged to maintain access when it is practical to do so. Visitors are advised not to rely on access to this location during the winter season.

For further information contact the PWS Southern Region office on 03 6165 4053.

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