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Sustainable Timber Tasmania and Parks and Wildlife Service announce road opening


Florentine Road and Arve Road (to the Hartz Mountain junction) are officially reopened to the public.More

Easter safety is paramount for our parks and reserves


The Parks and Wildlife Service encourages visitors and Tasmanians alike to get outdoors and get active - especially in our parks and reserves.More

Good news, Hartz Mountain National Park and other tracks are open!


In time for Easter walking, PWS have been able to re-open a number of tracks.More

Westerway Primary WildSC'OOL

On 1 March 2016, Westerway Primary finally became a WildsC’OOL. Local Wildcare Inc volunteer Larissa Giddings along with staff and friends of Mt Field National Park are working with Wendy Holdsworth’s Grade 3-4 students to enhance their environmental education program which will include practical outcomes such as planting wildlife corridors, protecting their local areas and learning lifelong skills.

Already the students have been learning about the local native animals and have plans to promote and protect their local platypus habitat. Students have excitedly been preparing for Mt Field National Parks 100 year birthday, baking cupcakes and working on artwork that showcases the spectacular autumn beech leaves and some of their favourite native animals. These will be displayed at the Fagus Festival on 23-24 April 2016. 

The Westerway WildSC'OOL program is designed to build a long-term partnership with Mount Field National Park and other local reserves.

Westerway WildSC'OOL students prepare for an outing to discover platypuses.
Learning about the egg-laying mammals - they monotremes.
In search of the elusive platypus.
Further details of the Westerway WildSc'ool activities can be found in their school newsletter [PDF 3.8MB]