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Sustainable Timber Tasmania and Parks and Wildlife Service announce road opening


Florentine Road and Arve Road (to the Hartz Mountain junction) are officially reopened to the public.More

Easter safety is paramount for our parks and reserves


The Parks and Wildlife Service encourages visitors and Tasmanians alike to get outdoors and get active - especially in our parks and reserves.More

Good news, Hartz Mountain National Park and other tracks are open!


In time for Easter walking, PWS have been able to re-open a number of tracks.More

Index of Activity Sheets and Background Notes

Resources for this unit – including teacher notes for activities and useful background notes – are organised in several sections.

1. Our National Parks - Living Treasures (View section 1 as PDF)

Find out what is special about national parks and why they are so important.

Activity teacher notes Background notes
1.1 What recreational activities can you do in parks? 1a What are national parks?
1.2 Why do we have national parks? 1b Why have parks?
1.3 What community benefits do parks provide? 1c Tasmania's protected areas
1.4 What do you think about National Parks?  

2. Discover our Parks (View Section 2 as PDF)

Gather information on parks and reserves around Tasmania – discover the animals and plants living there plus their geological, historical and cultural features and things you can do and see.

Activity teacher notes Background notes
2.1 Know your Island 2a Tasmanian parks and reserves online
2.2 Find the National Parks of Tasmania 2b Planning for a safe trip in the outdoors
2.3 Tasmania's special places crossword 2c Bushwalking equipment list
2.4 Staying alive 2d Food list for extended walks
2.5 Is it warm enough?  
2.6 Survivor! - sheltering from the weather  
2.7 How well-designed is your tent?  
2.8 Food for camping - keeping it light  
2.9 Pack it up - weighing up what to take  
2.10 Supporting one another in tricky situations?  
2.11 Teamwork in the Parks and Wildlife Service
2.12 Art from Nature
2.13 Bush smart quiz

3. Looking after National Parks (View Section 3 as PDF)

Who works in parks? Meet some of our rangers and other staff. Find out how parks are managed and the qualifications required to work in a park.

Activity teacher notes Background notes
3.1 Protecting special places 3a Rules for park visitors
3.2 Managing bushland 3b What are the jobs in national parks
3.3 Island discovery 3c What are park management plans?
3.4 Park manager - minimising human impacts 3d An early Tasmanian national park
3.5 Wildfire 3e Why do we have fuel stove only areas?
3.6 On the edge - managing park boundaries 3f Marine reserves
3.7 What activities are OK in parks? 3g Rangers risking their lives
3.8 Measuring up protected areas  
3.9 Solving problems in parks - prioritising work  
3.10 Issues in Australian parks  
3.11 A global picture - parks in perspective  
3.12 Rice for a day  

4. School excursions

What better way to learn about Tasmania's parks than to visit them? Discover ideas for educational visits to Tasmania's national parks and reserves.

Activity teacher notes Park ideas
4.1 What recreational activities can you do in parks? 4a Cradle Mountain

4b Freycinet

4c Hastings caves

4d Lake St Clair
  4e Maria Island
  4f Mole Creek Karst                                
  4g Mt Field
  4h Narawntapu
  4i Tamar Wetlands Centre

5. Games and Puzzles

Test your skills and knowledge using our range of crosswords, word searches and games.

Games and Puzzles
Food Web - Land (a) 
Food Web - Land (b)
Food Web - Marine
Food Web - Marine Worksheet Food web - Marine Worksheet answers
Food Web - Marine - Scenarios
Tasmanian Animal Memory (Print 2 copies)  
What Am I? (Celebrity Heads)  
Tasmanian Mammals - Name Game Poster (a)
Tasmanian Mammals - The Name Game (b)
Wild Things Quiz

Getting to know Tasmania's National Parks
Around Tasmanian National Parks crossword Around Tasmanian National Parks crossword answers
Tasmania's special places crossword Tasmania's special places crossword answers
Tasmania's National Parks word search Tasmania's National Parks - word search answers
Caring for our Parks word search Caring for Parks word search answers
Bushfire word search easy Bushfire word search easy answers
Bushfire word search difficult Bushfire word search difficult answers
Tasmania's wildlife                    
Nature crossword Nature crossword answers
Animal Adaptations match up Animal Adaptatons match up answers
Bettong maze
Helping Animals word search Helping animals word search answers
Mammal Tracks match Mammal Tracks match answers
Tasmanian Devil quiz Tasmanian Devil Quiz answers
Tasmanian Devil word search Tasmanian devil word search answers
Tasmanian Mammals match up Tasmanian Mammals match up answers
Tasmanian Mammals word search Tasmanian Mammals word search answers 
Threatened Species word search Threatend species word search answers
 Reptiles and Invertebrates in Tasmania  Photos copyright Alexander Dudley
Bird name scramble Birds name scramble answers
Bird beak - form and function race  
Orange bellied parrot maze  
Swift Parrot Maze
Tasmania's endemic birds word search Tasmania's endemic birds word search answers 
Birds in Tasmanian School Grounds  Birds in Tasmanian School Grounds Teacher Notes
Marine and coastal crossword Marine and coastal crossword answers
Coastcare word search  Coastcare word search answers
Seaweeds Worksheet
Seaweed Snacks Checklist