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Liffey Falls open to visitors


The iconic Liffey Falls picnic area and walking track is now open to the public following the completion of repairs to visitor facilities after flood damage last year.More

Upgrades for Lake St Clair


The viewing platform on the shore of Lake St Clair is being upgraded to improve disability access to one of the finest vistas of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.More

Upgrade for Wineglass Bay Track


Freycinet is the State's most visited national park, with 286,000 visitors in 2016, with about 34 per cent of visitors to Freycinet walking to the Wineglass Bay beach.More

Public Notices

Crown land in Tasmania is managed by various Government agencies. The information below relates solely to Crown land managed under the Crown Lands Act 1976 by Crown Land Services.

Boatsheds and jetties on Crown land (23 July 2011)

All boatshed and jetty owners on Crown land are advised to check their property for damage and continued safety of the structure.  Recent storm activity on coastal areas may have contributed to wave and erosion damage to marine structures and they need to be assessed for damage and risk to safety, particularly those located in and around Frederick Henry Bay and the River Derwent. Crown land agreements require boatshed owners to maintain the structures in a safe manner and to hold Public Liability insurance. Please note that major works require the prior approval of Crown Land Services via a Works Application form.

Primrose Sands - Beach access

In August 2011, Primrose Sands Beach experienced extremely heavy wave surges which damaged the walkways and left debris on the beach. Hazardous pathways were closed and the debris and rubbish was removed. In early September 2011, the Department invited the public to submit proposals for the location of replacement access tracks to the beach.

Generally the submissions supported a rationalisation of the multitude of access tracks and the establishment of pathways more suited to beach conditions. The submissions supported retaining the two key pathways – at each end of the beach (the boat ramp and main shop). There was concern expressed about the danger to pedestrians at the boat ramp site and about ensuring that the pathways were located in areas that could be maintained long term.

Based on the submissions and discussions with the Sorell Council about their long term plans for the area, five pathways will be established towards the middle of 2012. The pathways are outlined on the map below –

The terrain was a significant deciding factor, as the pathways need to be maintained long term. The Department does not have the resources to continually upkeep tracks.

The next step is to seek advice from suitably qualified persons about the most effective type of access track to suit each location. This will be done in January with the aim of having the new pathways established as soon as possible.

The Sorell Council supports this approach and is working with the Department on access issues generally at Primrose Sands Beach, including car parking.


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